A More Efficient Workday With Letshare

Letshare seamlessly connects the daily information flows of your operations in a straightforward and scalable manner within a unified workspace. Establish intelligent and efficient work methods by operating on a shared platform to ensure execution and monitoring. Operate in a modern fashion within a digital tool that adds value to the organisation and fosters a sense of teamwork among staff.

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Generate productivity around the clock. Avoid issues and wasted time by fostering alignment. Increase profitability

Efficient Teams

Delivering the right information to the right person at the right time fosters a stress-free work environment and boosts team cohesion. Establish high efficiency and quality.


Support your growth and future development with a scalable system that can be easily modified to accommodate evolving requirements.

What is Letshare?

Letshare is a user-friendly and scalable cloud service solution specifically designed for the production and manufacturing industry.

Letshare integrates information, communication, and data flows within the organisation to enhance efficiency. This is achieved by emphasising routines and empowering the staff to perform optimally.

Letshare promotes increased standardisation, monitoring, clarity, and transparency, coupled with simplified information exchange across the entire organisation. The result of this is efficient and harmonious teams with a clear focus.

Standardised Working Methods and Continuous Improvements

Designed for Production and Manufacturing

Unlike most systems in the market, Letshare is designed to address the functional needs of process and manufacturing industries, encompassing workflows, data collection, communication, checklists, and key performance indicators.

With a focus on daily operations and continuous improvements, Letshare ensures a hassle-free routine.

Prepared for Future Needs and Growth

Scalability and Flexibility to Suit Your Needs

Letshare is designed to cater to the requirements of complex process industries or smaller sawmills. Through its unique design functionality, the required features for your production and its teams are easily created. As needs evolve over time, you can easily add or remove features as necessary.

Letshare is built to adapt to the needs of production – not the other way around.

Simplicity in Daily Operations Leads to a Dynamic System

Intuitive Design Tool for Production Engineers and Operational Developers

It should be easy to work within your operational systems, without the need for assistance from consultants or programmers. Letshare’s graphical design tool makes it easy for a production engineer or operational developer to add a new key metric or workflow in a matter of minutes and publish it.

Improvements are implemented in an instant, propelling the organisation another step forward.

Information Sharing and Data-Driven Decisions

Efficient Information Sharing With the Ability to Communicate With the Entire Team or Specific Segments

Letshare is far more than just a display of data and workflows. Well-functioning communication and information sharing are crucial for a high-performing organisation.

Transparency in information exchange and clear data-based decisions create an efficient team where nothing falls through the cracks.

Get Started Today

Start using Letshare today by effortlessly constructing information and workflows using a graphical tool. Begin by migrating what you currently use into the system. No programming or software installation is required.

Streamline and Simplify Your Daily Operations With Digital Support

Collect Data

Collect all data within your organisation and leave nothing overlooked

Share Information

Share and exchange information. Create transparency for informed decisions.

Manage the Operations

Standardise crucial recurring tasks by creating workflows

Measure Performance

Gather essential information and present key metrics to measure your success


Share information according to users’ needs and operational areas


Share information according to users’ needs and operational areas

Scale Up

Construct a modular system where you can expand without losing control over the information

Achieve Your Goals

Create an efficient production system with the above-mentioned features to achieve the organisation’s goals


Ensure that your business performs at its best. Allow others to handle the operation of support systems

Standardisation of Work and Process Flows Is the Key to World-Class Production

With Letshare, You Work Smarter and More Efficient in a Modern and Digitalized System

Let’s collaborate to explore how we can elevate your production and its support systems to the next level while creating a modern, digital environment for operational management.

Contact us to initiate a discussion regarding the needs of your operations and the potential for Letshare to establish digital information management, enhance operational control, and create the foundation for data-driven improvement efforts.