Functions That Add Value

Features Are Created After Your Needs

In Letshare, workspaces are created by assembling one or more components into functionality that is grouped together, forming a digital workspace. 

The possibilities are limitless. Make sure the operational needs decide functionalities added.

Organize the Information

Create headings to organise your information. Text and numbers are used for manual input or sourced from linked data.

Predefined Selections for Simple Follow-up

Utilise dropdown lists for predefined choices or selections of time/date. Tables and lists for compilation or organisation of data.

Visualize Data & Statuses

Graphical elements, status indicators, and charts are effective ways to provide a clear overview of data.

Sign-off Including Timestamp

Timestamping and acknowledgment of performers for verification of completed activities are, in certain cases, legally mandated, but also hold value in establishing good order.

Predefined Workflows & Standardization

Utilise workflows for standardization and control of tasks, or create a task list with acknowledgments for better overview.

Detailed Information & Instructions

Create immediate access to crucial instructions or guides. Upload or display images for enhanced clarity during incidents, such as breakdowns.

Data Exchange with External Systems

Integrate with other systems to retrieve critical information that can be displayed alongside other operational data. 

Efficient Team Communication

Utilise a production chat for direct communication within teams and track production events in the activity stream.

Four Simple Steps to Build Your Features

1 – Create Groups of Features and Information 

Create functional features by combining components into groups that work together (widgets).

Build your own library of widgets or use the ones already available. The possibilities for customising the design to meet your business needs are limitless.

2 – Create Your Own Workspaces

Arrange functions and information on workspaces where data related to a specific workplace, event type, or workflow is gathered. 

Combine different types of features as needed to create an efficient workspace.

3 – Distribute the Workspaces Throughout the Organisation

Distribute the workspaces across selected parts of the organisation. The distribution can follow the organisational structure and/or a feature-based structure depending on the type of information.

4 – Start Working in a Digital System

Users gain immediate access as workspaces are deployed and can directly utilise features and information. 

Cloud Services for Optimal Performance and Security

Cloud Services for Optimal Performance and Security

Letshare is a software service operated in an external server environment with high security and redundancy (cloud service). The user accesses the system by logging in through a web browser. By using the software in full-screen mode, Letshare feels just like any locally installed software.

All users have specific user rights that govern access to different parts of the system as well as language settings.

The system’s structure is built according to the organisation’s needs, somewhat like an organisational chart. Even external users can be granted access, but they are limited to dedicated or open parts of the system.

The system’s information is saved for future reference, increasing traceability as needed. This way, you can easily go back in time and see the status at a selected point in time.