Letshare Enables a Modern Digital Way of Working

Letshare is Designed to Suit Your Operations

Letshare is a user-friendly and scalable cloud service solution specifically designed to facilitate a modern approach to work in the manufacturing and production industries.

Letshare integrates information, communication, workflow, and data streams within the organisation with the aim of enhancing efficiency in the production flow.

Letshare Creates Efficiency by Capturing, Connecting, and Displaying Information. 

With Letshare, We Capture All Those Other Things

Although systems for control, automation, and administration are currently utilised to address specific and crucial tasks within the operation, there may be a lack of a cohesive environment for all the information flowing through daily.

Not only production plans and instructions but also all the other information scattered across sticky notes, logbooks, and whiteboards?

This is the informational glue that keeps the operation running smoothly. Information that is equally important but lacks specific ownership.

This is where Letshare comes into play.

Letshare is Designed to Fit Your Operations – No Predefined or Mandatory Templates

Clear Information Management and Operational Governance

Create workspaces, information boards, and workflows tailored to your operation.

Production status and functional overview. Graphical indicators displaying the status of a function within your operations

Free-text area for notes covering various areas, such as at the station level or per shift 

Safety area with contact details and essential instructions readily accessible

Space for general information from the team, department, or leadership

Strict routines, such as a workflow for preventive maintenance rounds, including supporting materials

Standardised working method, for instance, a step-by-step procedure including graphical representation of status.

Regular checks of function and status, like a checklist with reporting function, comment field, and signing

Performance, quality, and safety monitoring, such as graphical elements for visualising KPIs or safety indicators

Complete shift history: Logbook or shift report for seamless information management during 24/7 operations

Transparent communication within teams: Chat function for direct communication between production units.

Track production events in real-time: Activity function that continuously displays all activities in a selected part of the system

Segment information by roles: Rights management to allocate read and write permissions within the organisation

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Why Letshare?

We Understand Production

We have decades of production experience in our team and understand your needs to focus on safety, productivity, and product quality.

Operational requirements have priority.

Secure Cloud-based Services

Cloud-based software may be intimidating at first, but once you’re there, you’ll never want to go back.

Back-up and redundancy ensure that your systems are available when you need them.

Operational Focus

You have enough on your plate with daily operations. Focus on that and leave IT operations to those who specialise in it.

Our IT partner, QLogic, ensures that all your IT needs are met the way you want them: world-class IT operations.

A Digitalized Production System Offers Many Opportunities

There are significant opportunities with increased digitization in all manufacturing operations.

Whether large or small, intricate or straightforward; everyone can anticipate a difference at the bottom line.

We want to discuss your possibilities – contact us today.