Letshare is Designed for Production and Manufacturing

An Efficient Production System

Letshare is specifically designed as a user-friendly and scalable cloud service for manufacturing companies.

Letshare creates a digital workspace where operational information, communication, and data converge to establish an efficient production system devoid of errors, misunderstandings, overlooked tasks, weak inter-shift communication, misprioritisations, and other deficiencies.

Start today by replicating the current manual workflows, along with all accompanying details such as notes, whiteboards, and post-it notes, within Letshare. Subsequently, refine and enhance these processes within the Letshare platform. The journey towards a world-class production system has now commenced. In just a month’s time, you will already experience heightened security, improved productivity, and enhanced quality.

Integrate the Organisation

Formulate an efficient team with seamless workflow processes and information dissemination, irrespective of roles within the organisation or geographic location.

Safety and Efficiency

Clarity and security go hand in hand, culminating in a harmonious and efficient workplace fostered by high-performing teams.

Continuous Improvements

Capturing and implementing improvements should be a straightforward and inherent aspect of daily operations.

Establish an Efficient Production System – Standardise, Measure, Provide Feedback, and Enhance

Establish an Efficient Production System

Daily Management

Daily management with pre-defined routines is a cornerstone in production.

Letshare provides support and establishes conditions for immediate feedback that is visible to all stakeholders.

Data-Driven Decisions

Fact-based decisions reduce reliance on specific individuals and mitigate direct errors.

Letshare fosters complete transparency by granting access to accurate information and pertinent facts prior to operational decisions.


The significance of standardisation in a production system cannot be overstated.

Letshare features functionality to ensure that work processes, operations, and handovers adhere to established routines.

Increased Safety

Nothing is more costly than an accident, regardless of the currency you measure it in.

Letshare assists in integrating safety where it is most needed – directly within the operational environment.

Increased Productivity

Waste and inefficiency act as the driving forces behind operational stagnation.

Letshare provides the conditions to get it right the first time, follow up, compare, and enhance performances.

Higher Quality

Producing products that fall short of standards proves to be a costly lesson.

Letshare assists you in measuring and emphasising that only top-quality products matter, while everything else is considered scrap.

Establish Efficiency by Interconnecting Information From Workflows Across Various Levels

Foster Alignment Among Organisational Segments.

Production Management

Provide leadership with direct access to current status of activities and communication between production units without any filtering – a comprehensive real-time overview.

Engage in direct communication with the staff to establish presence and commitment.

Compile key metrics for fact-based current status and long-term trends to inform operational and strategic decisions.


Predefined workflows simplify standardised working methods, ensuring execution and reporting.

A shared platform provides a consistent situational description and offers opportunities for knowledge exchange and decision-making at the leadership level.

Operational key performance indicators offer immediate feedback on performance and status.

Support Staff

Maintenance and other service entities can directly monitor production and access operators’ notes or assistance requests. 

Specific key performance indicators and continuous communication between production and production support foster alignment and enable a more proactive approach. 

Increase Your Efficiency by Digitising in Three Simple Steps

1 – Start With What You Have

Transform what you have today; there’s no need to start from scratch. Implement your current work processes, daily production meetings, and whiteboards into a digital system.

At letshare, we make it easy without programming. We’ll help you get started.

2 – Capture Information

Create work and information spaces where the daily information flows of production can be captured.

High and low, manual and automatic, individual workstations, and group meetings – all information relevant to production should be captured.

No more notes, memos, or strategically placed post-its.

3 – Share Information

Distribute gathered information in work and information spaces to everyone who needs the knowledge to do a better job.

Everything becomes immediately accessible as it happens. No more unnecessary mistakes or disruptive misunderstandings.

Simply a smoother production system.